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Mow and the Monkey God . . . Why She Had to Go.

There are many things on the To Do List of the Champion of Gaia, Mow Yen. The most pressing being, befriending the different Gods and Goddesses of the lesser Earth dimension: 3.51. There in the 3.51 dimension, everyone is working to shift the Source-Consciousness to make it the Alpha Dimension but not all are standing in integrity.

The one God that Mow most want to meet is the Monkey God, Sun Wukong. This is the God of legend and she knows his legacy is the ability to follow one’s dreams by accepting life’s challenges and giving them something to fear. In his younger days, he was the Demon Monkey King that had to be tricked by the Buddha in order to gain stillness. This imposed stillness enabled him to begin his journey of the self by accepting the offer of the Goddess of Mercy. Her offer? Join an early tradition party which would proceed on a journey to the West for some Buddhist Scriptures.

Hundreds of thousands of centuries have passed since the party went its separate ways and Wukong ended up in the 3.51 dimension. In that time, he has matured into a wise Bodhisattva that is working with Gaia- even if his instincts are telling him that maybe it would be best if they worked apart. Without going into details (that’s what’s Dinner with the Monkey God will expose) Wukong has agreed to meet Mow if she comes to his home on the floating mountain, Sophia.

Receiving the invitation, Mow knows that she must go. Things aren’t rosy with Gaia. Dealings with the ruling deities are less than promising and Gaia has Mow on a short leash. The only good thing going in Mow’s life is her marriage to the Demon Lord, Donnie.

Mow know that Wukong knows what it is like to be in a position where a master is less than becoming to the ideas and behaviors of a student. Creating an inch to visit and befriend the Monkey God.

Mow left the 3rd dimension to come to the 3.51 and before she regrets and pleas a case for her death, she wants to talk with someone whose walked in her shoes. Her husband knows that she must do this alone and is praying that she finds whatever she needs to remain by his side, fighting for the elimination of poverty and excess; of individual ownership of land; and of the old consciousness on the many dimensions of Earth by bringing God-consciousness to them all. The very things she convinced him- and his horde -to strive for.

Nobody wants her to go but no one seems to understand her frustrations. The Money God does and maybe he can mentor her so that she can gain peace with Gaia and her duties, because as Gaia stated when Mow was Agape, “If you weren’t the one, you wouldn’t have made your way to my front door.”

That’s why Mow must go see the Monkey God. May peace be with you.

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Sabrina Louise Andielle


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Premise to Untitled Project 3/18/17

Premise to Untitled Project

When: Newly crown, irresponsible, 18-year-old king independently declare war on all contestants for his home country and Empire

Character Acts: King appoints former classmates as both staff and advisors together they use classroom strategy to fight

Until: Their only trusted advisor’s head is delivered in a bag

Leading to: Connor accepting responsibility and assistance from older, wiser advisors thereby removing known threats to title and person.

Final Premise Line: When a newly crowned, irresponsible, 18-year-old declares war on all contestants for his home and empire, he fires everyone and appoints former classmates as both staff and advisors, together they use classroom strategy to fight, until their only trusted, adult advisor’s head is delivered in a bag then he accepts responsibility and assistance from older, wiser advisors thereby removing known threats to his title and person.

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