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Plot Outline: Project 2017-2018- Revision of the storyline

As a creative soul, I’m being tested. I want to write something set in the year 1952. Nothing much happened during that year. We, America, was the power force to beat with our military and economics. We didn’t have to rebuild after the war and our great internal and/or covert threat was the whisper of the word communism. The American Dream was born with the invention of credit, bank loans, and quick, swift completion of tasks. We were beginning the path which now has us tackling debt, looking at war, and lacking the basic morals and common sense that we once had.

So why do I want to write about 1952? Why the 1950s period? I tell you . . . the calm of the 50s is calling out to me- I want to upset it. But there is so much that I must overcome as a writer of fiction/fantasy. First, I love the idea of having modern warriors and the 1950s had not defined itself as the face of today’s fighter by 1952 yet, it had outgrown the innocent hand-to-hand combat. So, I need to create. I also must deal with the reality of a lack of diversity of in the 1950s, since I want to include all kinds of things like an international boarding school for boys. That’s just two ideas that I need to toss. I want a powerful woman like Rowling’s main girl, but most women of the 1950s were in the house using the new quick appliances that were fresh on the market.

Is there anything to tell that will make good fiction? I believe that it’s like being in the fool position. At this point, there are no rules and everything is dependent on my actions. Therefore, I will put to heart the seven (or nine depending on who you ask) plotlines of a story and build me something from scratch. I will keep what I have, just adjust characters’ goals so that things are plausible. I will think what could have happened during this cooling down period in America’s history. I know that all stories need a lull and the 50s were one of young lady America’s.

The 18-year-old prince should be 20 or 21 and he must be running away from the tranquility of the 50s and be looking for adventure. Have him be ahead of his time. Place him in the Navy with the desire to be one of the special forces that helped to make the Navy SEALS. Then just as he is about to get a spot have his family murdered. Of course, I will keep him as royalty but make him the ninth child. Nine is a lucky number and the only one that survived is his sister Nancy. Yes, Nancy is in on the assassinations and had plans of taking the throne herself. Nancy and Ret. Fleet Admiral of the navy, the older, married man that Nancy is having an affair with, was hoping that the Main Character would have died while on an assignment. But he is in all sense of the word special forces.

The main Character calls on a friend that is stationed in another country (India/Hindi) and this friend, also a prince tells the main character to come to his small mahal. There the two begin to piece the facts together, or do they? They end up engaging the Prime Minister, Mimiya, who is working her (yes HER!) angle. This woman wants to have the monarchy to herself so that she can turn it into a republic; with her at the emperor. Mimiya is working Nancy, older woman who has been where the young woman is, angle. Together they send for the main character and tell him that he’s needed back home. Amit decides to travel with his friend and when they arrive there is the threat of war.

The MC must deal with a military uprising by the natives of one of the few remaining colonies/commonwealths that the Empire that the MC is now King of. The soldiers that were there were brutally murdered, men, women, and child, all of them natives of the Empire. The natives of the colony want their freedom and they are now in the 50s ready to fight for it. I may have a nonviolent character in there but I don’t know. This uprising takes place in a South African like place.

Recap: MC, Amit, Nancy, Ret. Fleet General, Prime Minister, military leader (warlord). That’s who we got so far. Then Amit’s homeland is attacked- civil war. Another Raaja (King in Hindi) has attacked the Raanee (Queen in Hindi) Andielle. Andielle is Amit’s grandmother and not only is she requiring that Amit return home but she wants the MC to send troops and weapons. The MC makes the decision to join in Andielle’s war and while he has troops there he also must send troop to deal with the military warlord, Hedeon. MC sends troops to deal with Hedeon and re-establish the Empire.

Now that is outside dealings. The MC is still trying to figure out who murdered his whole family. He decides to investigate on his own until he meets Nikol a Rear Admiral of a democratic country looking for allies. Nikol promises to help MC, in exchange he wants the MC empire loyalty against the Federation. The federation is a dictatorship that is attempting to push their beliefs on the rest of the world. Cadman is the Dictator and where he was engaging in conflict with Nikol and his people now Cadman sees young MC and decide to shift focus. An ending is still be worked out; all these characters are tied together by war, ambition, lust, and a little friendship. Lines are being drawn.

I want this to be character driven but if it’s not I can live with that. I’m pulling this from the air and only with the setting of the pieces will I see if I got it right.

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My Brainstorming the Vital Questions for the Manuscript.

When I set out to tell another story, I wondered could a newly crowned, teenage king truly handle the responsibilities of defending his monarchy from overt challenges as well as those lurking in the background? I mean if his parents are murdered just hours ago as well as the friendly uncle(s) who would have guided his decisions, how would he handle himself? Who would he listen to? Just how far would he go to keep the crown and stabilize the dying monarchy? What if, as the sixth child and fourth son, he has been irresponsible in a lot of ways, but is well trained as a warrior? (As trained as an 18-year-old can be.) What if he has never been instructed in how to use true sovereign authority since he was less powerful than his sisters and was headed for a life in the military? Could this teenager pull off this salvage mission? How? Oh, and the setting is based on life during the 1940s in Europe and America but located in a country I named Magoon.

Personally, I believe that with the right help he could do it.

I believe that he would have total success at saving his own neck (especially in hand-to-hand combat) but initial failure at getting justice and order for the monarchy. He can’t trust anyone, so except for the Prime Minister he must quickly fire his parents’ entire support team. Why keep the Prime Minister? Well, she has convinced him that the people need her, that the government needs her, and someone attempted to take her life during the same time the assassins killed the monarchy. Then I thought, what if he called in a few of his military school buddies to fill in the positions of council and staff? What a mess that would be as these boys lack the wisdom of the true art of politics, war, and negotiations. I can see them attempting to foresee the Federation’s moves. The same Federation which has declared that all empires must die and exile for its rulers is not an option.

Then there is the 40-year-old resistance leader that the empire was dealing with. This man knows the truth behind the power that simultaneously assassinated the royals in one day. Not any loss to him, but he is curious as to what does the assassins want with his beloved country. With the royal family pretty much dead, the king’s attempts to squash the resistance has become more of a repulsive fly than a harmful wasp.

I figured, after the one adult they trusted is killed, the king would call on democratic allies and the remaining empires for help. With this support team the king can eliminate the leaders of the resistance and assassins; then, with the combined strength of the allies behind him, deal with the Federation.

So, with all that the question is what’s on the line for this teenage king?

His life! You have the assassins, the Federation, and the resistance all wanting his head. And his home. The crown is all he has left of his family. This is the beginning of the king’s legacy.

What is this the story of?

The story of how an 18-year-old got justice for his family and revived his crown.


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Female Lead, A Girl for my Protagonist

I’ve been building/brainstorming my current WIP for a month now, but until an hour ago, I didn’t have a love interest for my protagonist. Let me just get it straight now, I’m personally not against love and affection. I haven’t told love to pack his bags and hit the road. And I understand fully that the fiction audience has come to expect a good romance storyline during any coming of age novel. With that said I couldn’t for the life of me come up with someone who would properly fit. I didn’t want to just have a place holder, you know, a cardboard cut-out of a girl that would sit and wait for my main character while he had fun saving the crown and land. I wanted someone that would be an equal to my protagonist, if not better. She had to be strong enough, wise enough, that she would know when to speak, what to say, and how to say it. So, I put the task of a girlfriend for my 18-year-old main character on the back burner.

As I carried on with brainstorming this manuscript, from the creation of a completed premise to the early drafts of a plot skeleton, I hit a wall. What was the protagonist motivation now that I’ve taken everyone he cared for away? I mean I killed everyone and the death that hit the hardest was committed right before his eyes. What would get my protagonist to get out of bed and even try now that he knows he can’t trust those who were charged with keeping him and his family safe? Would the love of the crown motivate him to put his life on the line? Would someone so self-centered care about his people and the legacy that is now his by birthright? Probably not to all these questions. I needed someone he would hope to save from the assassins that killed his family. I needed someone whose words could convince him to step up and be a man, be a king for his people. I needed someone who didn’t have all the answers but was willing to stick their neck out for the very reason they were pushing my protagonist to think and act outside of self. Ah, the girlfriend.

A girlfriend could see my protagonist cry and not feel the need to stop his grieving. A girlfriend who was trained to be a warrior could help him fight. Hell, I made her hobby studying war history so that she could advise him in the war he’s in; because after all, he is facing a native warlord, a militarized federation, and a group of assassins. I describe her as a lovely girl, beautiful in her own right. So, he’ll want to kiss her. They have a history together as he was there for her when her sister committed suicide over flunking out of the His Majesty Royal Academy for Girls. She knows his friends and except for two get along with them pretty well.

So there, I have a love interest that isn’t a curly sue. She is not perfect but she won’t back down from this situation knowing that if they hang in there just long enough allies will come in and help revenge the Turner family. But that’s a paper for another day. Until then know that I’m pleased with finding both more forward-moving plot and a kick-ass female lead.

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Premise to Untitled Project 3/18/17

Premise to Untitled Project

When: Newly crown, irresponsible, 18-year-old king independently declare war on all contestants for his home country and Empire

Character Acts: King appoints former classmates as both staff and advisors together they use classroom strategy to fight

Until: Their only trusted advisor’s head is delivered in a bag

Leading to: Connor accepting responsibility and assistance from older, wiser advisors thereby removing known threats to title and person.

Final Premise Line: When a newly crowned, irresponsible, 18-year-old declares war on all contestants for his home and empire, he fires everyone and appoints former classmates as both staff and advisors, together they use classroom strategy to fight, until their only trusted, adult advisor’s head is delivered in a bag then he accepts responsibility and assistance from older, wiser advisors thereby removing known threats to his title and person.

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Initial Thoughts & Questions for Birthing Two Sons of the Creator

We have been told that there is a season for everything.  If you do not believe these words just look at life long enough and you’ll see that nothing is forever.  I’m seriously think about this while writing an epic fantasy story which rest on the belief that one day in the future God will send Jesus and a host of others to at long last destroy Satan and his followers. The time will have come for God to take His place here on earth and of course this means the elimination of Satan and the low vibration beings that create in the opposite direction of God.  The bell would have been rung.  The call for arms would have went out.  A new day, a new life, would be unfolding for Mankind if Mankind was ready or not.

In Two Sons of the Creator I’m talking about the final years for Satan; when he’s fighting for his life and not accepting that his moment of final death is now.  Yet, being the writer that I am, I couldn’t just leave it at that even if the battle between Satan, Jesus and their armies would be great . . . I had to push harder, go deeper.  I had to create a reasonable timetable for all this to happen, and I needed logic behind said events.  The more I brainstormed this ultimate rumble in the earthly jungle the more I began to wonder what would happen to Man and how would one so protected and pampered play into this fight.  How would Mankind get to the point where Men would be able to wield a weapon capable of destroying an angelic being?  Especially since the being is dark and chaotic and fighting for its life?

And what about the rest of God’s creation?  What about the other galaxies and universes and the beings that populate those planets? It is said that earth has been off limit to others since the creation of Man; so would other species finally be allowed to join earth now that earth has receives it special position?  How would it all fit in together?  But most important, again, how would God finally ridding the place of Satan and low vibrational beings that don’t serve?

So many questions behind the act of eliminating Satan at his appointed time; because as life demonstrates, nothing is easy.

This was something to think about!  I mean could I be included in the war if I was around?

Giving the fragile mental state of Man some type of preparation needed to be offered.  A gentle, loving God would have to put mental safety nets in place because as you can imagine minds would be blown upon seeing angels of the three hierarchy, or angelic host of just the lower four or five levels for that matter, walking the surface and flying the skies.  Can you see my excitement?  I bet we would use more of our brain power then.  The process has to take steps that will change life as we know it forever.  I mean there are dark angels that serve God and His purpose and I believe that there are watchers that fell from the Heavens who do everything in their power to regain the love and approval of God.

Just the history of the Divine, Mankind, and the planet would mean that things would be orderly & complex and I’m talking about more than preparing Mankind, getting the Heavenly Host on earth to finish the job, or finding Jesus his white horse and double blade sword which he is to have when dealing with Satan in the last battle.  Nothing with God is simple!  Nothing!

This is how I imagine it first an angelic representative come from the skies riding on the ‘back’ of the Holy Spirit proclaiming that God is taking back what is His and all of His Children will be gathered up.  That is the first level of the battle right there, fore, Satan has to try to convince the public that it is a hoax.  Satan will have to call on his top performers and have them patrol the land for the ones that would hurt Satan’s army.  So yeah, we got that; the true spiritual warriors will be physically, spiritually, and mentally attack by Satan’s warriors because Satan know this is his last chance to take the planet.  It only make strategic military sense. And you know that the saying: Satan doesn’t worry about the ones that are doing the work of Hell while here on earth.  Well I bet he would gather the troops and everyone that has made a deal with him up to that moment will have to pay up.  There’s a reason he’s been gathering souls.

Anyway, those are some of the questions and thoughts that have played a part in Two Sons of the Creator.  I thought I would share because as I’m working on this thing I’m having to think back on the whys: why do I have the main fight in America but the center of enlightenment in China while Africa is the location for the Holy Ones; why do I have a training center of dark agents; why is Jesus talking with angels that are rumored to no longer be in Heaven’s grace; and why did I bring in beings from the next galaxies over. Even though I’m keeping the viewpoint characters to a nice round number of ten, I am pouring in everyone I thought would be affected by the beginning transformation of the planet becoming the footstool of God; because the more I thought about it the more I saw that this is what the story is about.  I mean I even talk about Lilith and her contribution to Mankind.  Oh yeah, plus I created an angel that was locked in the pit who ends up fighting alongside Jesus as brothers . . . not Satan; he has his own role remember.

I have injected small problems, subplots, to help support the weight of the plot and characters which play off each other. The entire time I am staying true to my belief that we live under a God that has set things up where it’s adaptation or death for everyone and everything.  Meaning that although I wouldn’t call it urban fantasy (after all it stays true to the qualities of epic fantasy) this story is modern I mean the angels use cars, planes, television, restaurants, swords, and phones.  I works trust me.

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