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Some Thoughts Behind Lady Agape

I’ve come to realize that the installment The New Dimension is nothing like the original idea I was struck with seven months ago. Well, almost nothing like it. I still have a young prince that has won control of his empire but he has a twin sister and she’s the antagonist. Whereas I was going to make the prince, Connor Stone, the protagonist, I decided that I would go with another outside voice. One who had skin in the game but was older and more prepared than Connor or his sister. That is where Lady Agape comes in. But because Agape didn’t want to fit in with Connor or his sister, Nancy, I made Agape a member of the APPL (Astral Projection Protection League) but even that needed time and space to grow in order for it to be done right. Then I added the fact that Agape’s advising and protecting Connor wouldn’t add much resistance or conflict to the story so I made her be from earth and made it where she can only be seen by those with eyes to see or those on the Astral Plane. The story question changed from what if a young prince gained control of a global empire to how did a high-school teacher become one of the greatest agents of the APPL and more?

This turned my singular idea, my stand alone story, into a series. Lady Agape.

With most books having complex storylines, morals, and themes, I had to come up with something for Agape. I thought about her and I realized that as a black woman in American during the year 2019, Agape hasn’t had the chance to realize her true qualities of compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, leadership, thoughtfulness, and warrior kick-butt attitude. These qualities are pushed to the side by her job as a high-school religion teacher instead of her dream as a college professor of the subject. At least they are until she enters the Astral Plane- the plane of emotions- and she has to save Connor, who is one of many fragments of consciousness known as Agape, who lives in a different dimension than Earth. Putting Connor against Nancy and telling Agape that both these people are you now you have to figure out how to save Connor from Nancy, allow death to come to one part of you in order to save the whole.

The issues I deal with are schizophrenia, incest, love of power, and divine purpose. I tackle some questions about those issues and present a new way for women to exist in the world or at least I support this new way of the female warrior.

I just wanted to share a little of what I’ve been working on and give you the reasoning behind the choices I made in designing Lady Agape & The New Dimension. I know that it’s not much and you still don’t have the whole story but I will continue to share my thinking behind my writing so the answers will come.

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